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TLAM - when you want to lead project in the best and most successful way

TLAM Company was founded and is managed under the scepter of Tomer Lotati.

Lotati, is an engineer with in-depth knowledge of the field of construction, managing large and complex projects.

From the beginning of his career until today, Tomer has accumulated the knowledge needed to provide the most reliable and professional response to the company's customers.

TLAM company engaged in the management, initiation and distribution of large-scale projects and service providers are in the government and public sectors mainly. This is thanks to the vast experience gained by the information company.


Our services are provided in the field of project management and planning - According to project and customer requirements

The company's quality policy sets the quality of customer service as the main goal to be achieved.
Accordingly, the execution of the projects is at a high level, while ensuring the definition and fulfillment of the client's needs and maintaining professional ethics.

The main pride of the company is in the staff involved in all the technological innovations in the various fields of engineering. We have initiative, desire for success, investment ability and willingness to give the best service to the customer and all these are the main performance characteristics of the team.

  • Accompanying the project from the initiation phase to the delivery phase to the customer.
  • Assistance to the entrepreneur in writing the program and expressing his needs professionally.
  • Providing professional advice and guidance on the method of contracting with the operator – the most correct and appropriate for the client.
  • Providing advice in selecting the planning team.
  • Planning the management in front of a team of professional and quality planners.
  • Project management in a creative format in the field of planning and execution.
  • Managing the project schedule.
  • Project budget management.
  • Publication of tenders, analysis of contractors' proposals and management of negotiations.
  • Performing supervision over the implementation period.
  • Management of delivery and receipt of the structure in the final stages of completion.
  • Accompaniment during the test period and ongoing monitoring of the completion of the gaps
  • Writing special technical specifications according to the characteristics of the project.
  • Quantity calculations and preparation of quantity statements.
  • Preparation of tender documents.
  • Government Ministries (Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Defense, etc.…).
  • Local authorities.
  • Public companies.
  • Private companies.

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Hours of operation: Sunday - Thursday 08: 00-19: 00
Phone: 054-4707280
Email: office@tlam.co.il​
Fax : 153-544707280
Adi, hazait 203 | PO Box 104 | Zip code 17940

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